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Just told boss to stick it. Starting Uber in Los Angeles this week. Help appreciated!!

Another Uber Driver

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Too late for help if you quit a real job to Uber.
What he posted.

that was mean, but funny.
......and, sadly, true................

Go back to the job, apologize, and ask for your position back. What you have heard or read about earnings while driving on the Uber app is more advertising fraud.
If you can not do that, at least look for another job.

Well in my defense I did not quit a real job to Uber. I quit a real job and I am going to Uber.
As long as you will look for another job, you will survive, for a time, doing this. This is allright to tide you over for a little bit, but if you go past ninety days, you will be in trouble. You are not going to pay the bills doing UberX. When you do find another job, this will be fine if you want to buy a couple of halfway decent seats at a Dodgers game, a couple of Coca-Colas, some hot dogs and peanuts from time-to-time. If you want to take the wife to Barney's Beanery or the Troubadour, it might work for that (are they still in business?). If you need money for the cable bill, it might work for that. You will not pay rent, put food on the table, pay the gas and electric on this; not for long, you will not.
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Michael - Cleveland

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Any tips from los angeles drivers appreciated.
Don't 'fool' yourself by pretending that the expenses involved aren't that bad - or aren't 'real'.
It's easy to get sucked into thinking you are making money, when in fact you are losing money.

UberX in LA has NO BASE FARE
and pays $0.80/mi and $0.144/min (after licensing fee)

Driving full-time you will put between 1,500 and 2,000 miles a week on your car.
You will drive between 1.5 miles and 2 miles just to get paid for 1 mile
(probably more than that until you can learn to be efficient and reduce dead-head/unpaid miles driving without a pax in the car)

The average cost of gas in LA ($3.39/gal) is more than a dollar higher than the US avg.
That means you have to invest a minimum of $200/wk just in fuel to drive full-time ...
and that means you have to try to earn around $750/wk just to break above your $500/wk goal.

That's about $1,000/wk in GROSS FARES to achieve ~$500 in earnings.
(and does not take into account the maintenance or repairs your car will require - or the depreciation of your car)