Just started job next to 3M - gotta believe 3M creates lots of trips?


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Sat and waited for a while after work - I live near airport so put the destination filter on Uber and Lyft towards Mall of America - didn't get anything- I think its a slow week but - can I expect good business out of the 3M campus? Surge?


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Not sure about 3M but I work in Lowertown and live SW Mpls. After work (6:00ish) I frequently set the destination filter to home and often get MSP or MOA rides.


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Well if your thinking about the Maplewood 3M campus. I would say it might be a good area. The only problem I see is that the parking is free for the people working there and most people drive. I don't want to tell you how old I am but I remember 3M started building in that area in the mid 1960s. I'm guessing a lot of older working people there so tips might be good and you might get some younger people in the early morning or in the late afternoon. If I was closer to the area I would try around the R&D building it's all new construction and I honestly think it's worth trying it that way you will know for sure.


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I have done well out of there. Thursday good airport. Every ride I have taken out of there has been 10 plus miles.


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Thanks all - I'll probably just flip it on at my desk and leave when I get a trip!
You think someone is going to wait for you to walk to your car and finally start moving?

More than likely you'll get a cancel if they see you're not moving.


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I live close to the 3m campus, can tell you you'll see a few rides from there to the airport. You will see a lot of the contract workers will need rides to Woodbury. Or one of the live in hotels. Wouldn't say I would sit and wait for my next ride there.
It's marginal at the best.