Just started experiencing an app glitch preventing me from going online; anyone else?


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I just got the notification that the app need to be updated, but no available update shows up. Who else is experiencing this or has before?
Screenshot_2016-07-21-18-45-36-1.png Screenshot_2016-07-21-18-45-43.png

I also uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and restarted my phone (Android phone); same issue shows up.
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Yes, same with my Android.

Have Uber Partner App on iPad Mini but havent driven with it yet. I'ml wait 30 min and either go with the iPad Mini or turn my Beer App or Beer Tap on.


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I signed off and it offered me a destination filter. I didn't want to waste it so I said no, now I can't seem to activate it again.

Is the destination filter new, or have I been asleep?


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Same with me except it didn't offer me the destination filter it was just there when I came back online


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Are you shutting down and trying to update through the app store or are you updating directly through the partner app?


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When I try downloading Apple app. It's not even there. It keeps bringing me to pax app.
This is upsetting


It's happening to me too! I'm in Phoenix. It was working a couple hours ago :frown: I tried signing out and uninstalling but nothing.. I did update the app a few days ago. I wonder if the app just didn't process the update or something? I'm using a Samsung Galaxy s6.