Just seen this.


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The only reason it's like this is because people can be fired if you don't suck arse and tolerate the rude customers?

The other morning was a perfect example, knowing I didn't care about her potentially reporting me, I gave her a good dose of advice that she didn't want to hear but should have learnt growing up.

If I did that constantly, regardless of how correct my advice is, I would be deactivated.


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White boy driving white girl in white car whilst being a total sycophant. This is the Aryan Dream.

über alles
, über alles in der Welt" (usually translated into English as .... As the lyrics of this anthem called for "Germany, united Fatherland")

The director/writer is a guy goes by the name of Superwog and I am pretty sure he is acting the part of the Mediterranean/Middle Eastern/Northern European Driver (actually Superwog is the owner fighting over lost laptop) and I bet his dad is a Taxi Driver (wild guess).
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