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Just reached 4.99 rating after 7,100 trips


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I HAVE 5 STAR RATING IN LONDON.Does know anyone if Uber gives any Reward for delivering best customer service..I drive for 4.5 years for Ubèr.Does anyoane have 5 star?
Wow...reminds me of 20 something's at my job who arrive on time and want a trophy or something. After 4.5 yrs.....you should be 5*s (after so many rides no pax rating will affect you) the 1-2-3 * ratings will be neutralized IF you generally average decent ratings which can be accomplished by giving a good/safe/uneventful ride.....which is ....your job.
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A prize because maybe I'm only one in UK with 5 star after almost 5 years ..In past they was giving reward
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What rating do you have? How many of you have 5 star???? I bet none
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This forum has no filter....
Agree/disagree but free speech is a pretty big deal in America.
This is the WRONG forum to find people that see things exactly as you do so taking the good with the bad comes with the territory. Today someone may encourage you, tomorrow....same person my rip you a new one.
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Uber rewarded my 100% by cut my rate, took away boost and promotion, then wanted me to work less than the minimal rate set by the State of Arizona.

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