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just noticed


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you only have to be 21 to drive uber. in south carolina, you have to be 25 to drive a cab. when i drove a cab, to get relicensed annually, you had to get a copy of your 25 year south carolina law enforcement division (state fbi) report. that said, uber clearly is NOT doing a thorough background check. and i sure as shit wouldnt want my loved ones riding with an "invincible" 21 year old.

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Here, you must submit to an FBI fingerprint and background check. You must submit your District of Columbia arrest record (commonly called a "Police Clearance", here) and one from your home state, if you live in the suburbs. You must submit a District of Columbia driving record and one from your home state, if you live in the suburbs.

If any driving record has eight points or more on it, you do not get a hack licence renewal.


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number sign uberhorribledisfiguringaccidentbecauseofinexperienceddriver21yearoldpunk

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