just joined..questions


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hello fellow long island uber drivers..been driving for 5 months..luv the job..beginning to strongly dislike our company...first question..what is "pax"?


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Hello, I am curious as I was considering signing up (desperately need a little extra income while job hunting).

Given that you signed up AFTER the new TLC regulations do you get trips to NYC (anywhere 5 boroughs) or does Uber keep you out on Long Island only? If you do get trips to say Manhattan what happens then do you just drive empty back to Long Island?

Also how viable is it really!? I been reading other posts and people are reporting to be making $80 GROSS for 6-8 hours.. that can't be right can it.. that's like $6-7 an hour after gas and expenses.

Any info is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!!


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adoubov...yes you can get trips into the 5 boros...NJ..Westchester..etc. But you will not get any rides for your return trip, until you get back into Nassau County..In addition, you assume all the toll costs on the return trip..once you acheive "gold" status, you will get a note, before you accept the trip, of the direction of the call and the amount of time it will take to reach your destination..the time estimate is always underestimated..from Bellmore, I wont accept any calls going west that take 40 mins or more..
i dont know what the net result is, income-wise. I have kept receipts and will visit my accountant soon..and find out how much tax i owe..that will give me an idea for 2020


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I agree its a sinking ship, but when will it go under ? And who and how many will it take with it ?