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Just got out of court ...

Discussion in 'Stories' started by UberBastid, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Burden of proof lies with the state, it is not up to you to prove your innocence, it is up to the prosecution to prove your guilt
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  2. LAHenry


    Los Angeles
    No! The reason it doesn't catch up to you at the DMV is that the LA County Court's policy is that if they do not hear from you, they (the court) will not report you to the DMV.

    I anticipate that you might ask, as a follow up: "Won't the city police department that issued the ticket report you to the DMV?" A: They can't! They're allowed to report ignored parking tickets to the DMV, but they're not allowed to report moving violations. Only the court can do that.

    Important note: This discussion about ignoring tickets applies only to red light camera tickets from inside LA County, and only if you ignore the ticket completely, make no contact with the court.
  3. Im personally tired if seeing red lights ran so much this year. Its stunning. Stunning. People walking off the curb when a red light occured is absoluteltly stunning. . Im Stunned their stunned we all are stunned.
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  4. observer

    observer Moderator

    long beach
    Me too, sometimes 3 or 4 cars make left turns AFTER the light turns Red.
  5. Atma



    Damn, your awesome.
  6. I love it, my only question is what would have happened if the ADA did not say anthing there? Great job! I just ignore those red light tickets and they dissappear
  7. UberBastid


    The @@@@@@@@ judge would have found me guilty, and I would have appealed.
    That's not me in the pix.

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