Just Asking... Uber Attire?


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I always wear a collared shirt. Usually a button up, but sometimes a polo shirt. And always nice jeans (never nice shorts or basketball/gym shorts). Always clean shaven, and always fresh.

4.88 rating so far (only 20 trips, but so far so good).


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Depends on what level you're driving.

I drive Plus so I always wear buttoned-down collared shirt, tucked in, long pants (despite the HOT weather we've been having) and shoes. Well-groomed.

I've seen X drivers wear cargo shorts with a t-shirt.

Hey Japman, I'm in the south bay (PV through Hermosa beach) area as well. Welcome to the forum, and please check out the threads about surges. I just got back to driving last night after my 5-week break (kid needs school supplies). I've noticed tons of X drivers out there in Redondo not letting the yellow surges peak to +1.8x. You want to make more $$$, wait for surges and spread the word about ACRO.


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Thanks for the reply DocT! I'm also in SouthBay (Redondo,Hermosa and Manhattan Beach) I always wait for SURGE before I drive. I'm just doing uber on the side. Anyway, Good luck man! UberOn!

Uber Kraus

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Usually a collared shirt although I rolled out of bed this morning put on cargo shorts and a T-shirt…


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I am going to do what I want, because as an independent contractor, it's "my" business. If I'm going to get paid peanuts, I'm going to be comfortable whilst doing it.
That is fine but keep in mind that professionalism increases the chances you will receive a tip. I am not happy about the rates but I have positioned myself in my market to where I am getting tipped. I owe it to the service I provide and the way I present myself.

You read all these forums with people complaining that riders never tip but they never do anything to change that. They usually do the opposite, if the customer doesn’t care; I am not going to care.

I am in Atlanta working for $.78 a mile. If I don’t do anything outside the box there is no way I would waste any more time driving. I use Uber for my other revenue streams.

This is all I am saying. To each his own!


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i can see giving a shit if driving black car or similar but driveing X why should it matter. do you really think the pax give a shit what im wearing. now im not saying you should look like a bum. i wear basketball shorts and a tee.....if they dont like it f em

Another Uber Driver

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Uber states that it does not tell you what to wear while driving. I wear whatever when driving UberX. Usually, if I have a T-shirt, it has something on it that is local, such as the Nationals, Redskins, a monument, another tourist attraction or a local railroad that no longer exists. I always have on my Nationals cap, even though I am not a Nationals fan. I do not dislike the Nationals, in fact, I go their games all the time, but I go more because I like the game than I am a fan of the Nationals.

The Nationals cap evokes the most comments. It gets snide remarks out of visitors from Atlanta and Philadelphia and questions from others, both local and visitors.

When driving Uber Taxi, there is a Taxicab Commission dress code that applies. Usually, I ignore it. Funny, the Harassmen-er-uh-HACK Inspectors as well as the Regulators do not know even their own regulations. One erroneous belief that both harbour is that the driver must wear a shirt with a collar. No, the driver is prohibited from wearing a T-shirt as an "outer garment". That is the only regulation specific to a shirt. There are general rules about "clean and neat", but, the traditional interpretation of those has been that they must see some soap from time-to-time and not be full of holes. There is another catch-all excuse-to-write-a-summons called "appropriately dressed". I have gotten into arguments with more than one Hack Inspector and Commissioner over that.

I have dared them to penalise any driver who wore a dashiki. Given the demographics of Washington, still, that would not go over well. I am on record as having threatened to put on a French maid dress, petticoats and heels, go out there to drive and DARE any Police or Hack Inspector to issue me a summons for being "inappropriately dressed". Given the political alignment in the District of Columbia, I would be the Chair of the Commission and collect a settlement large enough to pay off my house if Enforcement issued me a summons for that.


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What kind of attire do you guys wear when driving UBER?
I essentially look like I would be going to play golf. I wear nice shorts, and a polo-type shirt. Sneakers. I have good personal hygiene because that's the way I live. My clothes are clean and I keep my hair in order and shave/trim regularly.

I dress that way because that's what I'm comfortable wearing, not because of any concern for what the PAX think. I am generally a friendly, outgoing guy and act that way in my car unless given reason not to. Again, not for the PAX but because that's how I'm comfortable. This isn't a sales position, my appearance and attire have near-zero effect on my pay and so I don't worry about it any more than normal.

Optimus Uber

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Black t-shirt. Black sweat pants but the material looks like slacks. It's been too hot for denim. Black tennis shoes or black slip ons depends if it's 4 am and I just woke up or it's the middle of the afternoon. 4700+ rides 4.92

That's the best you'll get from me.

Passengers really only care about if you know where you are going and get them there quickly. Your attire isnt really on their priority list.

If you do black or above I would say dress the part. But most people you pick up on x or plus aren't dressed up anyway and in this heat they not smelling so good either


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In Houston the city ordinance has sort of a dress code requirement. No shorts, jeans, flip flops, or t-shirts. This portion of the ordinance has been disputed by drivers in the Houston forum because this requirement is not in the signed/publicly released version of the ordinance. On top of that I don't think the cops really care as long as drivers aren't breaking any laws that actually put the general public in danger, but I digress.

I usually wear comfy jeans, a polo and tennis shoes or whatever I go to my full time job in. Sometimes that's business casual and others it's completely casual. I do wear t-shirts but those are usually geared towards promoting local universities or football teams in general. The LSU sticker on my back windshield usually makes for good conversation if seen by a pax.