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Anything to shake up the LV market and disrupt the disrupters.

Especially seeing Uber get punched would be delightful considering how unethically they operate and their incorrigible corporate culture of lies, deceit and lack of accountability.


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I have seen these upstarts come and go. Rumors of rumors and nothing seems to gel.

Big Uber Profit = Money - Driver's Pay

When you have a pool of spineless drivers who continue to support Uber's toxic approach to cheap fares at the cost of driver pay, there will be no hope for alternative rideshare companies (Lyft continues to be a driver driven anomaly).

Uber's anti-driver stand never fails to remind us that it sees drivers as an testicle to its money.

Uber Steve LV

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Get Me was supposed to be that way, I never did a ride, but had 4 deliveries. Got an awsome food warning bag. Then it died, paid better than Uber but Uber is a brand name and has market saturation