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July Rant: I caught a Lyft Driver on Monday morning driving a child........


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......WITHOUT A PARENT AND CAR SEAT!!!!!!! Not to mention, the child was in the backseat!!!!!

At that point, she may as well been ok letting the child smoke crack in her car, because the parent told her to.

What happened to common sense practices? There are liabilities up the galore with this!!! If anything happens to that child, it's on the driver, including when the child gets dropped off and where. If the child gets kidnapped or is in the wrong school or place, the driver will be part of the investigation, and who the hell knows what would happen.......Plus a possible accident, among many other liabilities that have been discussed before....
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It was probably an irresponsible mom driving a car stolen from a Lyft driver or perhaps it was her car and she was recently deactivated and hasn't removed the sticker or perhaps the kid wasn't a kid but a tiny person on the other hand maybe the tiny person was actually a Lyft driver and the customer got confused or embarrassed and told them they would need to drive because they didn't want people freaking out thinking they were letting a kid drive them around or perhaps this happened in Morrisville where kids are routinely driven around without proper seats/restraints.