July 15 deadline


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so, I haven't heard back from uber about whether I passed the background check or not
Hence, I haven't done the safety yet.
I did get a completion of the form from the company they contracted to do the background check

Can anyone tell me more info? From the Facebook group, I'm seeing that people are being shutdown because they didn't pass the drivers abstract part of it

I have 2 tickets but both are for not having insurance card when pulled over.

Should I go to office tomorrow? The only message I have on my app about being deactivated is because the safety is not complete.

I'll probably get it done tomorrow. Has anyone received an email from uber that their background check is completed? I guess if you're gonna get banned you're gonna get banned. Those who did have issues have been told already that they won't be able to drive


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I did email uber, got the automatic response. So stupid, it told me to go to partners uber dashboard and complete consent form. Went to the website, only thing that's required is the safety inspection


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Go to the office in the morning, clear things out, and after go finish the safety inspection.

Email CSR is bull.