Judge: Drivers Must Be Immediately Classified as Employees


so were all fired lol,,

how bout dana sell the company then to someone that has a vision and can earn while paying out all the benfits.

hmmm sounds like a good day for us or maybe not lol


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Reuter’s link.

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Yearly physicals.

eye tests.


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So, what is California prepared to do about it exactly? Keep a running tab of fines? By the time all the appeals are exhausted, these companies will likely be insolvent anyway. After years of exploiting and underpaying drivers, they still hemorrhage money like it's going out of style. This is the last stand for Dara and his cronies. It would be kind of funny to see him left holding the bag while King Travis gets away scot free.

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They got a 10 day stay, that's it. What many of you fail to recognize is that if it doesn't go well, it's u&l that will make it not go well. They have been breaking the law in various ways for the last 8 years and it may finally have caught up with them. If prop 22 passes they will just go back to pimping you out the way they used to. The little things you were recently gifted like surge multiple, details of trip, set your rate, will disappear in a heart beat. None of this would have happened if they charged reasonable rates and gave a fair split. They screwed themselves and unfortunately drivers will be collateral damage.


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Uber and Lyft ordered by California judge to classify drivers as employees

Uber and Lyft can appeal. But the probably of success to overturn this is nil or close to zero. The gig economy can no longer exploit workers by classifying them as contract workers. I guess this may also be the end of the experiment to allow drives to set their own surge multiplier?

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Guys is see the Anti- prop 22 guys pushing the unemployment contributions issue, as well as it being better for the drivers.

These corporations are stealing from california,
these corporations havn't been paying their fair share into unemployment for years,
these drivers have been a abused and are making less than min wage.

Vote no for prop 22!

That's pretty much enough to poison the topic for uber/lyft/et all.

Take you $25-30 an hour once your forced to be employees.

Sure you might not get as many hours but you'll get a lot more in less miles driven.

Keep in mind that as employees you need to be paid min wage free and clear of all deductions, including the standard mileage rate. (or they have to provide a company car at zero cost to you to use)

That means min wage above and beyond the mileage write-off. By my estimation that's closer to $25-30 an hour for california.