Judge calls Uber's investigation into Plaintiff “blatantly fraudulent and arguably criminal.”


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Another example of how corrupt Uber is.

When are you going to stop making money for this company?


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Why did Uber have to hire this firm to do a background check? Uber tells everyone how wonderful are the background check firms that it uses to check drivers. Why did it not use one of them?
Good to know that booking fee(oops, i mean the tip that is exclusively for Uber while telling passengers tipping for drivers isn't needed) is going to good use.


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This article is jaw-dropping. Ergo, the New York company hired by Uber, did not have a proper P.I. license (which the judge says could in itself be a misdemeanor). And check out the tactics used by Ergo agent Miguel Santos-Neves:

Throughout the investigation of Spencer Meyer, Santos-Neves operated under the guise that he was working on a “profile [of] up and coming people in environmental conservation.” ... Furthermore, the calls were recorded without consent.