Journo seeking Uber stories - good, bad or ugly

Sydney Hugo

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Hi All,

I'm a journalist considering writing articles on Uber, testing whether driving really is a good quality job or something to be wary of.

I'd like to hear from people:
(1) Who have kept very detailed notes of their earnings and costs over a long period and worked out their hourly rate driving for Uber, particularly if the rate is very low and you are considering returning to another job;
(2) Who believe Uber has broken specific promises eg about paying a fine or handling of a complaint;
(3) Who have had problems with insurance companies where you believed your policy did cover ride-sharing but an insurance company has used Uber driving as an excuse not to make a payment.

Please email me at syduberstories (gmail - am not allowed to post a link in my first post but this should be obvious). I'm particularly after people who have documentary evidence. We can discuss measures to protect your identity if you are still driving and this would be an issue for you.

I am a fair-minded person and professional, not looking to attack Uber per se but just to evaluate the quality of Uber driving as a job because I think the reading (and riding!) public would be interested.


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If you're a journalist, the topics of enquiry you've suggested above would appear to be seeking a particular outcome?

Sydney Hugo

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I'm happy to hear from people with really good experiences of Uber eg if you've worked out your hourly rate and it's really high, I'd love to hear from you too.

The reason my topics of inquiry mainly focus on the negative is that I can always get good news stories from the company, but bad news stories are harder to find because drivers are so dispersed (unlike the company, who has a paid spokesperson). So, for sake of balance, I have asked for mainly negative ones.

Also, things not working as they're intended is inherently more newsworthy. Eg "insurance is supposed to protect drivers but it doesn't" or "Uber says it will pay your fines but it doesn't". I don't make the rules! Any (honest) journalist would tell you the same.


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A couple of hours reading some of the posts on this forum should give you enough info to write a book. I can't understand why you'd need individuals to contact you.


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