Joshua Tree Music Festival

Im going to be in that area already this weekend anyway sitting for a friend attending and dont want down time so I took some initiative. Now, I know NOBODY is thinking oh ya lemme drive hwy 62 (correct me if I'm wrong) but bare with me. There is a taxi service up there, tiny operation. There will be people going to and from, locals as well as a few hotels, booked up btw. I emailed support for the festival regarding taxi/rideshare service. Outcome, I was added to their ride service list. Perhaps this is farfetched but I'm eager.....we'll see..... anyone interested or able to join me, do it...... I have itchy palms
I attended the Joshua Tree festival in spring 2014. Most people camp at the location. However you need to have reservations or you are in the camping overflow. This fills up by the end of the first night. So there will be some activity in town. It's a good vibes place, so you should get some 5* customers. However the cell signal sux in the actual area of the festival ( I have Verizon). I could not text/call my friends, frustrating.