Joliet Nascar


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Did Joliet surge at all during nascar weekend last year? Ive been reading reports online that uber hasnt been letting it surge after recent races in other cities but plenty of trip requests.


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Joliet never surges. Nascar, NHRA or if Michael Jackson rose from the dead, Joliet would not, nor ever has surged for more than 1.3x for 15 minutes.
No kidding, peeps here own like 2.5 cars per adult, lol. I live in West Joliet, on the PF side. I think it surged here once for about 15 minutes on 4th of July, 3 years ago.

I wouldn't plan to trek out here hoping for big surge. But whatever, I hear Uber's working on flying pigs now, so it could happen. Hope springs eternal.

And if Michael Jackson ever did rise from the dead, and discovered he was in Joliet, he'd say, "F' that put me back in the ground."