Joining Uber (Some Help / Advice Please)


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Hi Guys,

I am planning to rent a car to join uber/grabcar.
Am quite confuse with the structure, pardon me if there is someone asked this before.

"Register a company with ACRA with code 49219 (for PASSENGER LAND TRANSPORT NEC), or add business code 49219 to your existing company. "

Q1. I currently own a LLP and a PTE LTD, should i be advice to just add 49219 to either one of the company or register a new company?

Q2. I am doing uber/grabcar to cover my rental cost + petrol + parking as i would like to own a car without having a huge liabilities. I can drive for 4-5hours of peak hours any time. Will i be able to cover it ?

Q3A. Is there any downtime when you apply for uber/grabcar?
Example you rent this car on Monday, and u went down to uber/grabcar on Monday.
But they will take 3-4 days to activate. Hence you are paying $65/days for 4 days for nothing.

Q3B. Adding on for Q3, if there is such delay, should i just start as a relief driver first? Meaning i put my name as the sub rider with another owner of the rental car who do uber/grabcar. And i use his car to apply for uber/grabcar, once approved, i start rental my car and make changes at uber/grabcar. Of course i will inform the main driver that i be doing this and not trying to waste his time. Probably offer him $50 as 'kopi money'

Q4. Anyone got good lobang for vios 1.5A or similar FC car rental company?

Thanks guy really appreciate your reply, if you can really help me , i would gladly put your name as the referral for the bonus you can take it all. As for Q3B, if i had to do it this way, any person need relief driver can ctc me.
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Q1. Use existing company will do.
Q2. I doubt that you can cover cost with 4-5 hours peak as you need incentives as well. But again 4-5 hours may not be able to clock enough trips to qualify for incentives.
Q3A. Uber almost immediate. Grabcar need 1 ~2 days to activate.
Q3B. No easy to find a partner unless friends
Q4. old car with cheap rental mostly taken up unless those with problems. Newer one is expensive and need to sign long term lease agreement.

I have introduced few friends but most of them feel tough after few weeks/months of driving and gave up eventually. Go for short term lease to gain experience.