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John Wayne Que

Discussion in 'Los Angeles & Orange County' started by Pokerpollack, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. Pokerpollack

    Pokerpollack New Member

    Orange County
    Hey guys, I got a question for y'all. if I'm sitting by John Wayne airport in the blue zone waiting for a ride and ignore a ping from someone not from the airport, does it reset my spot in the que or do I still get to keep my position in line for an airport ride?
  2. arto71

    arto71 Well-Known Member

    los angeles
    Yes it does
  3. eman1122

    eman1122 Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
    Yup, you will lose your spot in the cue. But you know what they say...a ping in the hand is worth 2 in the cue. I think that's how it goes.
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  4. RnoldCh

    RnoldCh Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
    Where's the waiting area for John Wayne?
  5. Dajark

    Dajark New Member

    Los angeles
    Cell phone lot wait area. I refuse any ride not from the JWA arrival terminal or a neighboring hotel. I'd rather nap. I average $30 every trip out of there.
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