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Jobs worse than Uber- list your picks


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Coolest job ever! Saw this guy driving a lil boat on the inner harbor in Baltimore. It had a skimmer thing. Like a chain-link fence convener belt that picked up garbage floating on the water. The guy tooled around the harbor with a then newly invented Walkman. City job with full bennies watching the tourists and folks having lunch.

I was Bo'son on a cruise ship. LoL, he wanted my job. The grass is always greener.


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ass hole are all the same across the globe. how they freaking differ?! lol
World AIDS Capitol.

Doesn't the fact that Uber has security guards at the green light stops indicate something just isn't right about how Uber treats their "partners"? I mean, for a place that has no cash, no checks, nothing of value like jewelry, why is a security guard standard? Its not like Uber is really a tech company. There are more laptops & cellphones in a Starbucks dining area than in a green light hub.