Jersey Shore incentive Can I respond to another drivers email if they forwarded it to me.


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A fellow driver forwarded there invite to drive jersey shore this weekend. I responded and i asked me my phone number and told me to accept. I did and it said see you this weekend!! do you think that means i am excepted into the incentive???? also my email that is associated with my account is active anymore so i am not getting uber emails. I can not figure out how to change it in the site....


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No. It’s only if you receive the e-mail from Uber. The telephone is just to confirm that you are the right person.


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The only way you will qualify is if the email was sent to you. You said you don't have access to your email account anymore so maybe you were sent the email but that's a big if, hate to see you work the whole weekend thinking you're going to get the incentives and following all their guidelines and dealing with areas over loaded with drivers and not making any money.