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I've noticed a decline in


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I've just been getting bored with it.
I mostly like reading others peoples stories about what happens in their cars. But there's only one or two of those a day at best.
Most everything else is repeat questions and observations.
Don't get me wrong though, I think you're very troll worthy. Honest.


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HA! c'mon by the Vegas board anytime you need your fill of socially handicapped anxiety riddled freaks on the internet. they all moved out here thinking it was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, only to learn the truth about driving this city. :roflmao: :o-o::laugh:

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Probably not. I don't think this pax was able to make as much of a splash and was said to be a nice person.

To make a short story of it, one of the drivers here told a pax about the forum. Somehow word got out that the pax didn't tip the driver and they got trolled about it and supposedly left the forum subsequently after. The driver said they were nice, but nice is not enough lool

That's one of the reasons I'll remember to tip all my drivers from now on.
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