It's the drive-in right there


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I arrive at the pick up in a shopping center parking lot. There's a professional looking 20's some thing dude in a suit. He gets in and says it's the drive-through right there.

Apparently he booked a ride because he needed to deal with the bank that was only open for drive-through business.

I hate drive-through and have decided that I'm not gonna do them anymore. I say to the guy "Is the bank not open for a walk in business?". He just repeats that "it's the drive-through" like he's the boss of me.

I told him that I can only wait a few minutes. He says it will just be five. I look at the clock. I'm not waiting any more than three minutes.

While we were waiting in line he's talking to somebody on the other end discussing how he's going to get the money from the bank. Then he gets off the phone and asked me where he's going after the bank. He didn't even know where he was going.

This ride is seeming too bizarre and I get the feeling that this guy might be a money mule for hackers or some other ne'er-do-wells.

Three minutes goes by and the line hadn't even moved. I let him know that I'm canceling the ride. I explained that my job is taking people places, not sitting in drive-through lines.

I cancel the ride and hit the button to open the automatic door. He says "can't you just drive me back to where you picked me up?". I say "no, the ride is already canceled.". He gets a crappy attitude and start swearing. Bingo, there's my reason to report him for being rude and get unpaired from him.

I decided long ago that unless I'm giving a nice passenger a favor once the ride is over or passengers must exit. I don't need the BS with insurance or lack there of or anything else that can come up.

He gets out and I start driving away through the parking lot. Then I noticed he's running after me. I get in line to get out of the parking lot but he manages to get to me before I can pull out. He gestures to his eyes and I look in the backseat and I see sunglasses. I also see a computer and some other things in a little carry case.

I put down the window and he says he wants his sunglasses so I pass them out to him and proceed to exit the parking lot. He didn't ask for a computer.

Later on in the day I get a message from the platform saying that he left a computer in my vehicle and was trying to get in touch with me. He obviously couldn't through to me through the platform because we had been unpaired.

Even though he was a jerk I wanted him to have his stuff back, but I didn't want to have to deal with him directly. So I dropped it off at a nearby police station and let the platform know. I also told the desk sergeant what a weird guy he was and that I suspected he might have been a money mule.


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