Its been a while since I last had a problem with a passenger


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One of the perks of not driving for Uber much anymore is all the crap you don't have to deal with.

A couple of hours ago I pulled up to a house. Before driving there I sent my standard text saying four passengers, no drinks, etc...

I pull up, everyone has a beer. I tell them no drinks and they proceed to finish their drinks. As they are drinking, a fourth guy shows up and cracks open a beer as he tries to get in my car. He has a cigarette in hand as well, so I simply drive off.

I forgot this was a dead end subdivision, so I had to make a U-Turn to get out. This means I had to drive past the same house as a I left.

They waited by the side of the road, jumped in front of my car and slammed an open beer can against my vehicle. Fortunately there was no damage, but yeah, that's the crap Uber drivers get to deal with.

Looking back, I'm really glad I canceled the ride and drove off. I don't feel safe with those types of people in my car.


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This forum has been dead since the Auburn game. Isn't anyone out there making big money?