Its all about the RIDER not the PARTNER once again


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A new rider rewards program:

A high five. A pat on the back. A big thank you. You deserve something more for choosing to ride with us.

Now when you pay with a Capital One Quicksilver® or QuicksilverOne® card, every 10th ride is free up to $15. That’s true for every ride you take through March 2017.

Make sure your Uber app is up to date so you can track your progress and get free rides.

Because we appreciate that you choose Uber, now your rides could appreciate too.

Nothing about a fuel discount offer for a partner


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They should cut a deal with FlyBuys. Double points on all fuel purchases and maybe allow us to spend those points for E-tag credits. Just my opinion


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A new rider rewards program:
Sounds like its more ran by the credit card company than Uber...

Its a smart move, get the riders to change 'payment' over to the capital one credit card, toss in a free ride after 10 rides, but only if that happens in a month, and then claim the credit card merchant fees forever on the uber rides charged or until the pax changes credit card at least.