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It's 4/1/2016 and Lyft is still charging 2015 Toll Rates

Discussion in 'Denver' started by KevRyde, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. KevRyde


    For all you Denver area Lyft lovers, be aware that Lyft has yet to update their system with the higher 2016 toll rates. Note that unlike Uber - who uses the standard camera toll rates when calculating the rider fare - Lyft uses the discounted AVI (transponder) toll rates. Last night I was charged $9.40 ($2.85 + $2.85 + $3.70) in AVI tolls along the ride from DIA to Boulder, but Lyft added only $9.00 to the rider fare ($2.70 +$2.70 + $3.60 which were the AVI rates for 2015).

    Once again I will be submitting a support request to Lyft for another $0.40 adjustment.


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  2. Ask them about it on Twitter. They will probably fix it.
  3. Frontier Guy

    Frontier Guy

    Denver Metro Area
    Thus why I don't take the toll roads. I tell pax that I don't have a transponder, and I don't have enough trips to make it worthwhile. Not to mention given what we pay in license fees (especially the "special" $45 fee), there should not be toll roads. BTW, per MapQuest, you saved 1.2 miles and 1.7 minutes, depending on time of day and traffic going NW PKWY vs. US 36, 270, I-70, Pena.

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