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It's 4/1/2016 and Lyft is still charging 2015 Toll Rates


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For all you Denver area Lyft lovers, be aware that Lyft has yet to update their system with the higher 2016 toll rates. Note that unlike Uber - who uses the standard camera toll rates when calculating the rider fare - Lyft uses the discounted AVI (transponder) toll rates. Last night I was charged $9.40 ($2.85 + $2.85 + $3.70) in AVI tolls along the ride from DIA to Boulder, but Lyft added only $9.00 to the rider fare ($2.70 +$2.70 + $3.60 which were the AVI rates for 2015).

Once again I will be submitting a support request to Lyft for another $0.40 adjustment.


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Frontier Guy

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Thus why I don't take the toll roads. I tell pax that I don't have a transponder, and I don't have enough trips to make it worthwhile. Not to mention given what we pay in license fees (especially the "special" $45 fee), there should not be toll roads. BTW, per MapQuest, you saved 1.2 miles and 1.7 minutes, depending on time of day and traffic going NW PKWY vs. US 36, 270, I-70, Pena.