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I really want to hear from other Ithaca drivers. How do you deal with the drunk frats/undergrads? I get them constantly and they want me to take more than 4 AND they try to bring their booze in the car. I always say no. Sometimes they get nasty. Just really want to hear how you're handling these entitled drunk (or not) undergrads. I started to drive more in the day but here it seems the only real money is at night on weekends.


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The simple answer, if you are uncomfortable handling "drunk frats/undergrads" then do not do it.
Stay away from known locations. Keep your door locked until you verify that you are comfortable taking all riders.
If not then drive away and cancel. You are an independent contractor and it is entirely your decision to make,
Warning: drivers may be deactivated if cancel percentage gets too high.

If a rider gets too unruly or nasty, I often give them one warning, before implementing more extreme measures.

I pull over to a safe spot, saying we're not moving unless..." If that does not work then end the trip and ask them to leave the car. When they protest, "I am not legally allowed to take you anywhere without an active trip." If they do not obey after a reasonable time then I may threaten to call the cops.
It's important to stay calm, do not waiver, and be prepared to handle this confrontational situation.

Regardless of what happens next, when the passengers are out of my car, I drive off and IMMEDIATELY report all details to Uber.


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I have emesis bags (barf bags) in every door and seat back. I explain as part of my welcome spiel that if they feel any little bit of sick to have the bag ready or Uber/Lyft charges a $150 clean up fee. One pax got sick and his friend MADE SURE he hit that bag, ha! Cancel rides with too many passengers if they don't comply. I explain that they can split the group and there's an uber within a few minutes. Most times they either cancel or split. One time a large group said they were going to split so I opened the door and they all proceeded to pile into my car. I asked them to get out and they kept begging me to take them. My final comment was - "please remover yourselves from my car or I will have that cop right there come and remove you." They ended up splitting the group AND I got a tip. In the end they were cool and I just kept cool and explained that I wish I could help - but god forbid anything happened I could not live with myself knowing that I allowed someone to get hurt.


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Uber only pays $80 for barf clean up fee. I had this happen in Ithaca and it stained my seats and rugs. Ended my night early, sent pictures to UBER, went to car wash. The rugs on eBay cost me more. Don't believe the hype, it sucks more then its worth. Once a week I have to pull over because they need to hurl its very common in Ithaca, literally once a week, go ahead and work past 1am when the bars start to close.
Also if you don't take the 5 or more PAX, as is always happens in Ithaca and the frat houses where its hard to leave or even turn around or traffic at the houses, on the weekends happens 5 times a night, then you should cancel as they will leave you a bad rating. I had 5 girls get into my car and beg me to drive them, "its only a few minutes away", everything in Ithaca is a few minutes away, and then because I refused to stop and pick up a 6th person, "but its on the way", I got a bad rating. This happened before as well when 6 people come up to the car and I tell them that I can only take 4, you will not be get a 5 star rating after that. And I drive a small car, I had them jump into a trunk, order an XL, but they want to save some $$$ and even if they say that they will tip on the app they dont, only cash tips are the ones that count.

Lets just talk about Ithaca, a college town with Cornell and Ithaca college on the hills, with construction everywhere and no highways of any kind, you will be driving 30mph max all night. Stopping at every traffic light, no turn on reds everywhere or stop sign on every block. Make sure you do it too because cops are everywhere, Ithaca Police, Cornell Police, Ithaca College Police, State trooper, are all there, every weekend everyone is making sure college kids and frats are keeping the peace and making sure you obey the rules and don't run over a drunk college student that is crossing the roads everywhich way. By 1 am there are more police cars on the road then there are regular cars. Every trip is a minimal trip only a few minutes long but its up and down a hill all the time for a minimum fair, usually getting a PAX is just as far as the ride itself. One of my rear shocks snapped because of the terrible roads in Ithaca and CollegeTown, and you have to replace them both. The brakes and rotors are shot because of the hills. The chassy is making a weird noise. The steering colmb broke, I also think because of the roads and the tight cornering. The engine started consuming oil because of the constant strain of the hills. I can only imagine whats going on with the transmission. Tires tread only lasted me 12K miles before I needed replacement and a aliment. I had over $4K in repairs to the car in the last 4 months, and I drive a very reliable cheap maintenance Toyota car.
I see people drive jeeps or trucks in ithaca because of the conditions, lets not also forget the snow and tiny roads in the winter, but how do they make money? After taxes, I make about $10/hour in my cheap reliable car, day job as an accountant so I keep track of everything, I am annoying like that. My brakes and rotors are cheap from Autozone, I change my own oil, tires cost $45/tire at walmart installed before winter. A tire for a truck costs over $150 if not more, how about suspension work on those things and gas mileage for a jeep or a truck. A toyota corolla is way cheaper on everything, including initial cost and maintains and gas prices then a jeep or a truck. Are these people just bad at math?
I also seen a Uber/Lyft all electric driver with the chevy SPARK, brand new car, 300+ miles per charge, on the weekends, ohh no oil changes no fillups, I was envious, don't see him anymore, I guess he when in for some car maintenance. What I am saying is that my car that was in great condition and was very well maintained, and still is very well maintained, but it will be shoot and used up in one year of uber/lyft driving in Ithaca only 2 days a week, a new car will not be used for this type of driving. I guess that's where cars go to die, worked to death in the "gold" mines of Uber/Lyft. I already told my wife that I will be getting her a new car because I used up this one so bad.
All this for $3.53 fair per ride. Woo hoo, give 20 rides for work of 6 hours, get $70-80. Go fill up the car for $15-20 get home at 3am. Dont forget you will be paying taxes on all that money you earned at the end of the year so, put away 15% and also car maintenance, another 15% put away.

And then people wonder when I say "I should have never picked up my first rider."

Sorry needed to vent. Ok now tell my how I am wrong.
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