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It would appear that the fat LBC have left this forum ......

Discussion in 'London' started by Uber Loves, May 17, 2018.

  1. Uber Loves

    Uber Loves

    Near You
    Mission successful.

    They are the most overated pieces of trash

    Ripping off innocent people

    Is that what using the knowledge means?

    Dirty fat overweight.

    Not like they used to be.
  2. I have no idea what you’re talking about, but it sounds very interesting.
  3. Uber Loves

    Uber Loves

    Near You
    Its best it stays that way.
  4. London Taxi fares are set by TFL, not by cabbies themselves.



    London taxis fares can be negotiable between the driver and the passenger, according to the above.

    I was wondering how often that happens??

    In many places in the world, taxis fares are set and regulated by their authorities, and in some places, it is illegal to negotiate, cabbies get fined if they get caught doing so.

    So in London, people have chances??
  5. Jack Dunphy

    Jack Dunphy

    After the next month or so no chance of 99% of Uber drivers being overweight dirty yes but not overweight
  6. Lookingaround


    you being smoking crack again?

    I will bet you 10,000 british pounds that uber will stay
  7. Jack Dunphy

    Jack Dunphy

    1 “You being” once again ??????
    2 You would never earn £10000 in your Uber Lifetime
    3 I was referring to the nutcase behaviour of 99% of Uber drivers & the whole of Tower Hamlets starving themselves for a month mind you working for Uber you’re used to starving yourselves all year round
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