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It Just Got Real....

Discussion in 'New Jersey' started by JerseyBoy911, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    I really enjoy reading all the posts. Lots of good info by what's seems like good people.

    I want to extend the offer..one more time.. to join the chat I posted in the other thread.

    We are finally going to meet, a group of us,...this is where it gets real and I'm not talking about some stupid strike. I'm talking about coordination, unity.

    Uber calls us all "independent contractors" because they want us all to be separated. But then they say you are a partner...it's a play on words! You all know this!

    I'm glad for those that Uber Drive just to make some pocket change but some of us really want to work at it. If you only can do it part time, fine that's great too but, don't think you shouldn't join a team because you're not full time..I mean soon the team is all that will be and you'll on the outside looking in.

    Sometimes it will just take 4 to turn into 400 or 4000.

    Oh and, Those naysayers need not apply. If you are afraid of uber or think they are too big, then this isn't for you either...
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  2. Lepke


    New Jersey
    Good luck to you guys I hope you have a nice little meet up.
    Back when I started in the old days April 2014, we used to have driver hang outs. It was a lyft thing. Uber never wanted drivers to talk to each other and never did anything to foster a sense of camaraderie. Lyft however was a far different story in the days before uber went after lyft with ethically questionable tactics. Uber really put the hurt on lyft and forced lyft to become something more like uber .
    Lyft would help to coordinate driver hang outs and provide swag.

    Anyway if some of us "old timers " don't seem excited for a meet up don't take it as naysaying. We've just been where you are.
    Drivers in NJ do need to organize and maybe you guys can get the ball rolling but in the end we'll need something a little less grassroots and a little more professional .
    It could start with you but don't be offended if we wait and see, as we have seen this before.
  3. Tony from New Jersey

    Tony from New Jersey

    new jersey
    I am with you brother. I work part time because of a reason. I have a family and a regular full time job. So I have obligations to meet as a reasonable, bread earner in the family.
    I am with you but it is hard for me to participate in person. No offence please. I started in June 2014. The best time for me was June-July 2014. I could easily do 600 booking just on Friday-saterday evenings, part time. 4th of July 2014 weekend, I did $700 one night. Good old time, now $200 a night is a long shot, lol.
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  4. Mikey_D


    I'm in. Just say where and when and I'll meet you guys anywhere.
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  5. Was a GREAT little meet! And it grew. We got other drivers on the road who were just as unhappy and we ate formulating plans..

    I totally get it LepkeLepke, people just got the wind taken out of their sails. Yes, it will.have to start grassroots and develop into something professional as they did in Seattle.
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  6. What the app name again i got 17 guy on my group maybe some of tjose guy at in ur group also i getting butterflies here with all this meet and greet
  7. Here is your problem - Uber came out with a statistic in their California court case that 70% of their drivers drive less than 10 hours per week. I am 1 of those drivers and in no way do I want to be an Uber employee. I want to check in and check out when I want to. I don't want regulated hours or areas.

    I fully understand that the payout for Uber drivers is too low. That's why I don't take rides in areas where the rate is $1.10 mile. But you are going to have trouble organizing when there are so few full time workers.

    Good Luck!
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