It doesn't matter Uber provides coverage, most insurance co. will drop you if found out you Ubering


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Reporter finds out what it takes to drive for Uber; brings you along for the ride.

SARATOGA SPRINGS - So you say you want to Uber?

If you're at least 21, you've got your own wheels, a valid driver's license, registration and proof of insurance, Uber says it'll take care of the rest.

NewsChannel 13 took the sign-up process and required background check for a test drive.

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Using the app on an iPhone, we answered a few questions---name, age, social security number, type of car, etc.

We used the phone's camera to take pictures of this reporter's driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance. We submitted the pictures through the app.

Uber needed the information so they could do a background check.

A few days later an email arrived from a California-based company called Checkr saying my name doesn't appear on any terrorist, sex offender or criminal watch lists and my background is clear.

So Uber gave the green light, but some questions remained regarding insurance coverage while driving for Uber.

"Our commercial insurance policy covers all of our Uber driver partners in New York, " said Alix Anfang, a New York-based spokesperson for Uber. "They won't have to purchase their own commercial insurance. They sign up and we cover it."

But this reporter's insurance agent cautions to proceed very carefully and says my personal carrier would likely drop me when they find out I'm using my car to give rides for money, even though Uber provides commercial insurance.

And the agent says Uber's $1.25 million in coverage might not be enough in the event of a bad accident.

Zach O'Neill, 24, wants to drive for Uber when he's not on duty as a soldier at Fort Drum.

He drove three hours to an Uber information session Friday in Clifton Park, only to find out the session was canceled without notifying him.

Still he says he wants to drive with Uber because he can use the extra money to pay off some bills.

O'Neill was asked how driving for Uber will impact the insurance he has on his Honda CRV. "I have not spoken with my insurance yet," Zach said, before adding that he "plans to at some point."

When the clock turns from the night of June 28 to the morning of June 29, Uber and Lyft drivers will begin hitting the road throughout Upstate New York and O'Neill hopes to be one of them.