Issue with Uber X and Uber Pools

Blaine Berry

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This is my first time writing anything on this blog about Uber X or pool. I have been with Uber since February 2015 and I been reading the blogs on here for months. Since I am now a member I can voice how I feel because I have been holding it in for over a year. It is now time to be free LOL.

Let me get right into my issue. A couple weeks ago Uber started a promotion for the riders whereas uberpool is now more affordable than ever. I currently live in Buckhead and to take Uber pool from Buckhead to the airport is between $4.52-$5.50 for the rider.

I think this is unfair in the early morning between Monday-Friday 5am-9am because most people click on uber pool and are not getting matched with other uber pools because of the hours they are requesting pool. I believe this is ridiculous that I have to pick up riders only for an $11 payout to the airport. Since Uber is banned at the airport I cannot get any rides going towards home. This is me only making $7 once the gas is subtracted and driving a total of 36 miles for the $7 payout. This is unfair that Uber is forcing me to take these riders or my acceptance rate will be affected severely.

I am sorry, but my car isn’t a bus and its kind of weird having two distinctly individuals in my car with two types of personalities. All I am saying, I wish Uber cared more about the drivers. I have to deal with this job due to not being able to find another job. I just recently graduated from college two months ago and its hard trying to find work, so I tolerate Uber until I find something else, but I wish the company cared about us. We are what make the business model grow. Without drivers there is NO UBER PERIOD!!! I just wish they would meet us in between. I spend more money in gas than what I am actually making on pools. Back in 2015 when I first started Uber I was making at least $600-$800 weekly with only 25-30 hours.

Now I am barely making ends meet with a total of $250-$500 weekly with putting in over 40 hours of work. I am only telling you this issue so you can give Uber feedback on pools. I don't have any issues with the riders on pool or Uber X because they don't know what goes on behind closed doors with the pay. If the company is going to discount pool which is nearly 43% cheaper than X then they should be taking less than 20% of my earnings. Its like Uber is discounting the fares, but still taking the same percentage which is paying me as a minimum wage job. I mean damn can we get some respect. We are the reason why the company is a multi billion company.

It doesn't hurt to say that Uber X is way to cheap. I will drive someone 35 miles on X and my total payout would be $24-25. Now lets be realistic with gas subtracted I am only making $17.50. Gas is a total $7.50 and I will need three gallons to get the rider to the destination and to go back towards my direction of Buckhead. This is ludicrous $17.50 for a total of 70 miles. I am just tired of being tired. I can't wait until the day I find a job in my field which is law.


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Don't take UberStool requests. Yes, they are ripping you off, and yes, they do not care about the drivers. Return the favor and do not care about Uber and its customers. Cherrypick only the profitable rides. Look out for yourself because Uber will never look out for you.