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Is ubering from home a viable option for anyone?


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Ill have to try that.. The last 2 days , thats exactly what happened; 3:30 drunks

After you drop your early airport rider; then what? I head south, and if I dont get something on the way, I end up in Naples
I do the same. Will usually head towards Coconut Point Mall and south on 41 towards Bonita. If no pings, I head towards the Ritz Carlton in Naples.


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I used to do that, but I started at 400 AM and went right into my car and always got a ping within 30 minutes as I drove across town from my home to my staging area. Stopped doing it though, as the app wouldn't let me make any more money on a daily basis, because I was an eager and early bird. Now I log on at 600 AM, and usually end up with the same amount of money by 600 PM.
If you get early pings and make $$, it slows you down later, to bring down the