Is Ubereats messing with me?


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I been doing this over a month. First 3 weeks or so I made over 100 deliveries per week after they opened up the 100 quest. I was getting 1.5x boosts.

I had some issue with not getting my bonus on completing 50 quest deliveries and complained that escalated in going off about shitty support and how they aren't doing their job to actually support drivers, discourage us and set us up to fail.

Next thing i know my quests got down graded to only 50. And my boost is at 1.1x consistently. Also getting many pings from 12 to 15 min away in the middle of LA at 8:30 pm on a fri.

Anyone else get messed with like this?

I'm on postmates now but parking and delivering to their door is such a hastle I cant seem to do as many deliveries as it wears me down. Way more consistent pings compared to Ubereats but cant work as long. I need to replace my shocks too.
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That’s what they do. Once you start consistently hitting quest bonuses they make them lower and harder to complete.


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I dont get it. Wouldn't they want their drivers doing 100 plus deliveries per week? Is the demand that low they cant do this? They are a poor company that have bunch of lazy idiots who don't give a @@@@ working in support.


yes. I have noticed this as well. I do about 500 deliveries a month and I noticed now that I have been getting deliveries that are far away and only being paid 4.59. They claim that it's system generated but I believe Uber knows which drivers are completing high volume of trips. However, with their consistent hiring of uber drivers, I believe they are trying to spread out the deliveries. Trade secret... Sometimes it can be other people monitoring you and looking how many deliveries you have been doing through the Uber app. To solve that issue complete the delivery because if you decline it will affect your acceptance rating which then you won't get as many deliveries as you normally would. Then look up the contact info through the app and there will be an option to stop delivery requests. select that option , complete the delivery and head back to the location.
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