Is Uber Dead or alive?

Uber Roanoke Robert

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I'm on vacation from my regular job until tbe 11th, decided to drive more and pay bills.

Tuesday alone I made $248 in 11-12 hrs. Already had 10-12 trips today and over $100.

So no, it isn't dead. Uber nor Lyft


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It's far from dead, but it's still not surging when and where it usually does. It's deeply concerning since there aren't enough tips to make up for it. But yes, you will be busy.

Seems like a lot of ants are excited about the wait times, cancelation fees, and the possibility of someone tipping. Despite all these features, I sadly made A LOT more a year ago at this time WITHOUT them, because surge was the thing that paid for my bills. Not dribbles and tidbits. I don't think I'd have an issue with surge being gone, IF every pax would tip, but that's far from the case, at least with me.

Hopefully this will change, but as of now, it looks like another big win for Uber and the Pax. My only hope this time around is that I think Uber really does want to improve things for its drivers.
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Glad to hear you're having a great week!!

I'm still doing well, just not as good as I'm used to for this time of the year.