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Is uber a monopoly?

Discussion in 'News' started by Jermin8r89, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. I_Like_Spam

    I_Like_Spam Well-Known Member

    Before rideshare was conceived of, most regulators would agree that driving people around from point to point on demand for money was just plain old taxi work and subject to the established regulation of that industry. Some regulators still hold to that.

    Uber came into Pennsylvania, without license from the state or any regulation, and the PUC fined them $12 Million, for the time between them coming in and the establishment of rideshare regulations.

    The answer here is really the individual states and the legal definitions that already exist in those states. If ride sharing activities meet the legal definition of "taxi" in a state right now BEFORE TNC regs are drawn up- and Uber isn't getting the appropriate license, yes, it is illegal.

    If TNC activities don't qualify as "taxi" or "limo" or those activities aren't regulated in a state, then it wouldn't be illegal.
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  2. Brooklyn

    Brooklyn Well-Known Member

    If it's considered "ridesharing" and not an actual taxi/car service company and operates in a market that hasn't been "identified" yet why do they operate as a car service company in NYC? Just because they say they're different doesn't actually make them different. They just pull this "were different" crap in markets they know they can bully. In NYC they get away with a ton of stuff but they are labeled as a car service company... unless they operate COMPLETELY different in your market.. which I highly doubt they do.
  3. SmokestaXX

    SmokestaXX Active Member

    Let's stop the BS...Ridesharing is nothing more than a illegal cab service. If u, I, or anyone started driving our personal vehicles and charging people we'd be fined or penalized. I witnessed this 1st hand when $1 vans came about in NYC. Slowly but surely they were harassed by police and eventually regulated & relegated to don commercial livery plates and pay the man.
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  4. SmokestaXX

    SmokestaXX Active Member

    To answer ur question, uber is far from a monopoly, it's a technicality with the word billion$ before or behind its name.
  5. Grahamcracker

    Grahamcracker Moderator Moderator

    Honolulu, HI
    This is the best answer

  6. SmokestaXX

    SmokestaXX Active Member

    Ridesharing is not new...u&I work 2gether, we meet at a location equi-distant from our home and jobs, one day u bring the donuts&I bring the coffee;and vice-versa. We get 2 work& back home.
  7. Jermin8r89

    Jermin8r89 Well-Known Member

    They have their own cars right now and ducking around the dmv. In new york state uber still cant be used there taxi medallions r too strong. They know it will be end game for everyone eventually with SDCs going up everywhere.
  8. phillipzx3

    phillipzx3 Well-Known Member

    Portland, Oregon
    In what world is the taxi industry a monopoly? The same app Uber provides can be used anywhere. Try using a local taxi app a measly 100 miles from their base location.

    Uber is a business that can only succeed by continuing the use of investor money to subsidize drivers and riders. Taxi's survive because they earn as profit for the drivers AND the company. The taxi monopoly only exists in your mind.

    Uber hasn't had a profitable year yet. Why hasn't the IRS shut them down?
  9. phillipzx3

    phillipzx3 Well-Known Member

    Portland, Oregon
    Not true, except in your stereotype dream world. You must be a Trump supporter. ;-)
  10. phillipzx3

    phillipzx3 Well-Known Member

    Portland, Oregon
    That's not ridesharing. That's carpooling. There's a difference because profit is involved.

    A private pilot can charge a passenger 50% of the costs. Once past that 50% rule you (the pilot) must have a commercial license and carry proper insurance. Uber drivers get paid more than 50% of the cost yet carry iffy insurance at best.
  11. SmokestaXX

    SmokestaXX Active Member

    Carpool/rideshare...same difference.
  12. LA Cabbie

    LA Cabbie Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
    The cities/counties created taxi. That's why taxi can't compete with Uber because the regulating authorities won't let us wear white socks.
  13. phillipzx3

    phillipzx3 Well-Known Member

    Portland, Oregon
    That's your opinion. In Oregon "rideshare" and "carpool" are as different as a horse is to a locomotive.

    Carpool is a driver giving a "Lyft" :) to others that share a common path or destination. Expenses may be split amoung the passengers,but no profit is allowed.

    Rideshare is where you park your car and allow OTHERS to use and operate it.

    That's the law in Oregon.

    Uber, BY LAW, is considered an unbranded livery service.
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  14. phillipzx3

    phillipzx3 Well-Known Member

    Portland, Oregon
    Uber has billionaire bankers subsidizing their operation and operate at a loss. Taxi's don't. :)
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  15. Peanut hello

    Peanut hello Active Member

    It is gonna be like taxi, once they legalize them,maybe start using a smart meter, then it is just another taxi company.
    we waiting for President elect Donald Trump and see what he will do about it.
  16. sadboy

    sadboy Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
    Uber is not a monopoly, not by a long shot.
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  17. ChortlingCrison

    ChortlingCrison Well-Known Member

    Maybe there's some top IRS officials on Travis' secret payroll.
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  18. The Mollusk

    The Mollusk Well-Known Member

    I disagree. Just because a taxi company calls itself something other than a taxi company, it's still a taxi company. This one is operating outside of the law. It's lucky that the general public shielded it from the law.
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  19. UberChicago80

    UberChicago80 Active Member

    I thought this article was about a fun new edition of Monopoly with an Uber theme. I am sorely disappointed, but will be pitching said idea to Milton Bradley in early 2017 and will expect production by next Christmas
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  20. mikechch

    mikechch Active Member

    Christchurch NZ
    That depends on your tax deductible mileage rate.
    Our per mile rate just so happens to be 51% of ubers rate. Although there is also flagfall and time on top of that.

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