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Is UBER a hitch-hiking service?

Discussion in 'Brisbane' started by Something's fishy, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Hitch hiking is defined as soliciting a ride from a passing vehicle.

    Does this not describe the UBER service?

    Money, promises and sexual favours are usually part of any hitch-hiking exchange. This is the reason why hitch-hiking is illegal in Australia and most parts of the world. Getting into a strangers car for a service is not only taboo in Western culture but good and sensible advice that we dispense to family and friends... You wouldn't allow a stranger in your home would you?

    My question is... Is UBER and its business, political and media advocates endanging the public. Desensitising the public to the dangers of hitch hiking?

    And if so, does this mean that a phone application can rewrite moral danger laws that have governed our good sense for 3000 years...

    Many questions, so let's get started and discuss calmly...
  2. Hayden617


    Yeah, if I stick my thumb out on the road like a hitchhiker a taxi will usually pull up.
  3. Shock


    No, it's not.

    Also, what's the point of 'discussing' if you very rarely respond to the comments to your questions? I think most of us are willing to have a discussion, but apart from just broadcasting an opinion you rarely engage.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2015
  4. Well I'm pretty busy these days. I enjoy reading and participating but I wish you all would start to question the garbage that UBER throws down your collective throats.

    It's also hard when UBER block me from posting when I want. Maybe if you sent word to the admins to give me free posting rights?

    Cheers mate
  5. Shock


    Uber block you? You mean on this forum? I'm very sure this is independent of Uber. I'm all for anyone to have their say on here, and if any admins are reading, fully support Fishy's right to post whatever he wants, as long as it's not abusive.

    I'm pretty sure no one here believes any of the stuff Uber says to them. Give us some credit - we've had more direct contact with Uber. I see myself as a customer to Uber. I see their spin and all but know they're only after one thing: my money (ie: having me go out to make them money). If a better service comes out that charges me less and offers me more, I as a customer, would jump at that.

    Can you give an example of the things you think Uber are 'stuffing down our throats'?
  6. Instyle

    Instyle Moderator

    Gold Coast
    I'm intrigued who or where you appear to be blocked from? Something's fishySomething's fishy

    The thought has crossed my mind many times, how long will this board stay independent? Everything's for sale at the right price! Coincidence there appears to be more and more active Uber employees on this board?
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