Is this your only source of income?

Is this your only source of income?

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Used to be a full time driver, but I hung my keys up since I found a much better paying W2 job than my last one.

Honestly, I feel as if Uber/lyft can be the best full time job you can ever have.... If you are retired or you are in a gold mine market. Markets like Seattle/ other markets that pay close to $1.00 a mile.

Driving full time is very very risky now that I look back on doing it for 2 1/2 years. I logged 170,000 miles. 4,500+ trips.

I have to be the most lucky ant out there. I dealt with countless drunks, drove all throughout the night, and been in the most sketchiest neighborhoods. Never been robbed. Never had a puker.

Do you know what's worst than all of that? Deactivation.... Seriously, every ride you give can end up with you being deactivated shortly after. All over some BS complaint.

How on earth is that fair??? As drivers we have no voice, no job security, nothing. For me to continue doing this full time under these conditions is asinine.

Anyways, to all my full timers please keep those glocks and Smith&Wessons loaded. Please stock up on vitamins, hand sanitizers, and lysol spray. This coronavirus isnt a joke...

*I apologize for the rant.

**I'm serious, keep your guns loaded and your ozium ready.



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If the gig paid better in my market, I'd probably consider doing it full time, but even as a part timer I get burnt out on people, U/L, and traffic, etc. I've probably driven less than 40 hours since New Year's. Sometimes the shenanigans just dont add up and I stay home. I'm thankful that I have the luxury to do so.

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I haven't done my taxes for 2019 yet, but I'd venture to guess that this will count for less than 1%, if not 0%, of my net income from my businesses and less than 5% of my gross income from the same businesses.

For a short bit years ago, I did this as a sole source of income. As much as I enjoyed it, the fact my ability to eat was so dependent on it was a huge source of stress. I'm much happier doing it this way.


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My sources of income:

Social Security for both of us
Part time jobs for both of us
A small pension from a job that ended in 1984
A small disability benefit from the VA
Mandatory IRA distributions for both of us
Some freelance commercial announcing
Driving for Uber and Lyft

Also... starting to sell possessions I no longer need. Yesterday I sold a Mountain Dulcimer. Next is a motorcycle once the snow is gone.


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Mandatory IRA distributions for both of us
Let's distinguish between income for tax purposes vs. actual income.

I drive for Uber partly because I have one more car than I need. Driving for Uber converts some of that car's value into cash. The tax write off of the mileage helps with that.

I'm not subject to mandatory IRA distributions YET, but it's less than 3 years away for me. But... you don't have to actually spend that money. You only have to move it into a taxable account, out of the IRA it's in.