Is this real?


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Shocking pax didn't want to walk 6 measly blocks.
I emailed uber and said, "does this look right to you? 5mins to get to them, 5 mins of waiting and 10 mins of driving for $2.60?"

She tried to come back with some canned response

So I replied with:

"No, I mean, personally. As a human being trying to make a living, is 20 minutes of your time worth $2.60?"

She responded by crediting my account $5.60. I couldn't believe it.


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Picked up a pool today because I was bored. Two pax, who strangely got picked up from, and went to, roughly the same places.

Both fares looked like this. It has to be a mistake, right?
Min fare split in half, one half for each pax.

Nice to see you got "extra credit" for that fare from support though.


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Sad , but drivers are still doing it. It's hard to get the point across to the CSR because you are still making way more than they are


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Fuber love you more if you could have picked up 1 more. Then split is even lower per. All that less than a candy bar.