Is this legit arrest?

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Geez. So confused. Why he put her hand in air when officers show up if he is a cop? Why his gun taken? I assume other kids called cops how he has no radio? Do ppl supposed to resist in same situation? What is my rights? Thanks!
Looked like older bald guy was making a citizens arrest and in the process was confronted by two other suspects. Older bald guy felt like his life was in danger after being assaulted by others. Older bald guy drew a weapon and fired one shot directly away from others. Another older guy with long hair is on the phone (assuming with police and giving description). All threat is relieved after gun fire. Police show up and ask witness for statement. Young punk in handcuffs and police talking to shooter. Need to see what started this. Man with gun most likely states to officers he is armed and raises his hands to show no intent. Older guy with long hair and on a crutch is key witness.