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Is This Allowed With Uber Drivers Vehicles?


New Member
Hello everyone,

I am not an Uber driver but I was looking for input on advertising on Uber drivers vehicles, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I wanted to know if there would be any interest or if it is allowed to advertise on the back window of your Uber Vehicles? The advertising is 3 lines of text and a tracking phone number (4 lines total) so we can track the lead back to the vehicle that produced the call. If a call results in a transaction for our company we pay the driver a $1000 finders fee.

We pay for the advertising decals and have it professionally installed to the vehicles rear window. Would there be any interest in the Uber drivers community for this? I have done this with service vehicles (plumbers, electricians, delivery drivers) in the past and it worked out great for all. Any feedback would be appreciated.


New Member
Uber won't accept a vehicle to ride if it is fully wrapped (think a passenger van with a hotel logos all over it). But doesn't have preventative language regarding decals and stickers on vehicles.

Plus, because Uber classifies us all as "Independent Contractors" and not "Employees" they can't really dictate what we do with our vehicles as long as they still meet the terms of service for safe operation.


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I think you're asking for trouble I'd leave the advertisement on when I wasn't driving for Uber there's nothing wrong with that if you're picking up Uber passengers and they see advertisement on the car some assholes liable to report you and take pictures of your car


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Only a very bored unhappy miserable uber driver would do that to another driver. I don't think the customer would care.


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I'm a fully licensed commercial vehicle there fore I can wrap my vehicle with what ever advertisement you'd like. Send me a message some time.


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Has anyone ever heard the saying: “if it sounds too good to be true .........”
I recognize the foul smell of a con artist a mile away. And he’s not supposed to be soliciting on here any way. Come on - a new member promising big money for little or no effort on our part. I’m counting multiple red flags here. I garauntee you’ll regret wasting your time on this guy. He deserves nothing more than the Muammar Gaddafi treatment. And he’ll be promising you that $1000 right to the bitter end.


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If he was on the up and up, he’d be offering you a monthly payment to rent your edvertising space. That’s the way it’s done legitimately. He’s suggesting an arrangement where you have no way to verify if the ad your displaying brought in any business. He’s leaving you completely in the dark. He could be getting business all day long and you’d have no way of knowing about it. It’s a fools deal. Ask any successful business person. It’s not worth giving him the time of day.

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