Is there an Uber Greenlight Hub in San Diego any more?


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Haven't done any Uber driving in months. Turned on the app to see what's going on, and got an auto-message saying I had to get my car inspected by tomorrow. Cruised over to the Pyramid on Miramar Rd., only to find it dark and empty, all furniture, computers and even the light bulbs gone.

There was a notice on the outside door saying Uber was now at 845 - 15th street downtown, or whatever the address was. Hadn't wanted to drive that far, but I had it to do, so went there. Put a dollar in the parking meter, didn't know how long this would take. Then walked half a block to the address, and found another notice, "Uber is no longer at this location, find location in the app" or something very close to that. Would have been nice if Uber had mentioned that in the notice up in Miramar.

Got back on the app, looked up the notice saying I needed the inspection. Kept pressing buttons, finally found a list of places that did Uber inspections. Went to Jiffy Lube around 1005 B St. Tiny place, but the guys there were very affable and helpful. Obviously they don't work at Uber. $23 later it was done.

I don't suppose Uber will reimburse me the 20 miles I drove on business they required me to do and then sent me on a wild-goose chase. Or the $1.00 I put in the meter before finding out their notice on the Pyramid was a lie.

So is there a Greenlight Hub anywhere in San Diego any more?


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I saw an Uber office front on Mira Mesa Blvd where the mcds is located, not sure if it was open. Free inspections went away a little b4 covid.