Is there a way to stop incoming calls from family while driving?


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I have family and sometimes they call when I am driving uber. I of course don't pick up and I have told them not to call ...but I always have friends who love to call to catch up on weekends. ..when I have no time to talk or even answer the phone while I am dropping a passenger. Is there a way to block incoming calls on our phone when we are driving for uber? ...I have a Samsung Galaxy note 4 phone. ..


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If that's really u in your avatar I could see why you get a lot of calls.

But yeah there should be an option to not be disturbed. I use it on my HTC. Just google how to change the setting.


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But that would also exclude pax calling you as well. With some phones you can put it in a priority only mode where you can have all calls blocked and whitelist the uber/lyft phone number so pax can still call you.

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OR you can just get another phone. Hint the number for Uber pax to call you does not have to be the same as phone you are ubering with.

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On Android there are apps available that can do this, I have used one called Blocker. In there you can setup a profile to block all calls except those on the whitelist. Simply whitelist Uber and you are set. Caution though, Uber changes that number periodically so you will have to manage that contact manually.

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Hope Aishwarya Rai picks me up in Uber someday. Some people say I'm gullible. I don't understand why they say that.


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I don't get calls often during rides but when I do it's not much effort to tap "Decline" after the first ring and let the call go to voicemail. Of course if it's my mother calling I'll always pick up. :wink: