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Is there a GroupMe group for Greater MD drivers?


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Hi all, I drive Uber and Lyft DC metro, Baltimore, wherever, I'm in Frederick.
Just wondering if there is a GroupMe group for Greater MD or DMV drivers for Uber?
DC Lyft Road Warriors on groupme has been a great help, but, you can't really mention Uber, everyone there really drank the pink lemonade, though most drive for both anyway.


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I don't haven't found one. I'm so happy Lyft is in Greater MD too, though honest, I still make better $ driving for both, especially Lyft when I commute into MotCo or DC/NoVa than I do here at home. I wish it were different. I do love the Group Me app that the DC Road Warriors and DC Ladies of Lyft use. Maybe I should get around to making a Group Me for Greater MD Lyft and Uber drivers. It has been a great help with alerts about traffic or other stuff, events and busy places, also a good place to chat, learn stuff. If I do the early morning commute arriving in Rockville or Silver Springs at say 7:30 am and work until about noon M-F I average about $130 per day after gas. I tend to drive Lyft more when I am down there, as my bonus incentives are higher. Before Lyft made it's way up here to Frederick and the surrounds I would drive Uber if I wanted an "easy day" where I know the best way to get anywhere, born and raised here, it's just easier more relaxed driving. I don't do the late night bar PU's, like I will take your ass to the bar, but I'm not driving your pukey self back, so not much weekday $ to go around it seems. Daytime weekends are ok, lots of trips to drop people for errands, or to the movies. I took the groom and groomsmen to his wedding last month with Uber, that was interesting. Long fare, no tip.

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