Is the Toyota Camry Overrated?



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camry sonata have good soft ride camry le or xle only. Honda has stiff ride very uncomfy. my 2 cents owning both


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I prefer Hondas but im currently renting a toyota camry xle hybrid. I plan to convert my honda hrv into a tlc vehicle so i don't have to rent. I just really enjoy the blindside camera that are on hondas; it makes for an easier time during nights.


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Had to rob my entire couch of pillows to make that seat right, the whole thing goes flat after like half a year


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I had a 2010 Camry and 2012. Shared with two other drivers as a yellow cab, leasing the medallion. Put 250k miles on both before selling for +/- $5,000 each.

Great cars. Had to replace the right rear door on one and broken axle on the other. Nothing else but regular oil changes.

Renting a 2012 Camry now and runs great. Put 20,000 miles on since April. No issues.

Camry are built for the streets of New York and long hours.


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My sis just bought her second one (not for uber, for personal use) and she swears by them. Had her first one ten years and said she had little to no issues.
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