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Is the Mobile market worth buying a new car over?


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I'm interested in driving on a limited basis in Mobile as a second job/hobby, but my current car is too old to use. Any current drivers in the area have input on whether there's enough business around the city to justify a newer car just for part-time driving? I would only be interested in driving from around 5 pm to 9 or 10 pm a few nights per week, with an occasional weekend thrown in as well. Knowing Mobile, it's a little difficult to imagine that there are enough riders to justify the cost of a newer car just for part time driving, but it does seem like it has caught on a little in the city.

I'd appreciate any input from current drivers about what sort of demand I could expect around these times, and whether that would be an investment worth making.

Thanks in advance!


Mobile is EXTREMELY quiet during the week. I live in midtown and turn on the app most nights and sometimes I get nothing. Fridays and Saturdays can be profitable but really only during high demand events such as new years, Mardi Gras, concerts, etc.

Don't expect to make enough money to pay for a new car! Good Luck!


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Don't waste your time. You'll never earn enough to justify buying a newer car. Gas, insurance, DEPRECIATION from mileage, tires. No way. Plus, Uber just lowered the rates again for rides between 10am and 4pm? (I think)
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