Is The End In Sight?

When do you plan to quit Uber/Lyft

  • Within a month

  • Within 2 months

  • Within 3 months

  • Within 6 months

  • When the next fare cut happens

  • Don't know

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With all of the rumours about Uber's driver retention problems, I'm wondering when drivers here plan to quit.

Another Uber Driver

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If the rates go down, I will "quit" to 1 ride per 30 days.

That is pretty much where I am now: only enough to keep me in the game. The taxi still pays better. I will go beyond "only enough to stay in the game" if my taxi is out of service or I think that it will be worse than slow for the cab. Kongriss is 0-W-T, here, so I have done more UberX than usual, lately. Despite Kongriss' being gonesville, as a rule, the taxi is still paying better.