Is that an uber or a taxi?

If you could earn extra cash, would you put up a video billboard on your car?

  • Yes. I needs the money.

    Votes: 1 7.7%
  • No. I have too much self-respect for myself.

    Votes: 7 53.8%
  • How much are they paying?

    Votes: 5 38.5%

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I started seeing these modded cars popping up around Dreamforce, and now they seem to be appearing around the city with more frequency. This driver did not have any commercial plates attached to his vehicle.

Here is another one around the Metreon.

Does anyone have any insight on which VC firm is promoting this product, and would you be cool with driving with one of those digital billboards attached to your car around the city?
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That doesn't look cool. That look like drivers who are desperate for money they will do anything even sell there ass