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"Is that a metronome?"

Discussion in 'Houston' started by Texstar12, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Texstar12


    ...said a drunk passenger about my turn signal lights. XD

    Share your drunk stories!
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  2. TigerPaux


    I picked up a drunk girl from midtown around 11pm. Had to drive her all the way to Spring. Periodically I'd hear her roll down the window, and make very few sounds. It wasn't until I got to Spring that I realized she was throwing up all over the outside of my car. She never said a word after I dropped her off.

    Thankfully it was almost all on the outside of my car, took pictures and got my $200 cleaning fee. I was able to run my car through a carwash a uber on. Probably my most profitable night to date.
  3. make sure you recoat the area with wax, vomit is very acidic.
  4. "NO dear, that is a count down till you give me a tip..."

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