Is surge multiplier factor gone from the dashboard / app?


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I'm not able to find the multiplier factor for surge (in surge rides) anymore in either my app, or profile dashboard on desktop for the rides I've completed (previously it has been displayed in the trip details).

Looks like Uber has started to do away with surge factor indication.

The only place I was able to locate it is in the old style pay statement you access when it's ready for the previous week and you click the "download" link in the e-mail you receive.


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Are you still seeing the heat map on the app? Been haveing issues the last 36 hours wondering if it's just me.


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I have also had issues with the map disappearing at certain zooming levels. This happens when the surge is wide. Nothing unusual about it for me.

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Surge will still exist, riders will just get a flat rate in $ instead of those annoying multiplier alerts that scare riders and lower demand.
and that flat rate will be what they pay regardless of how long or what route was taken to a destination. I'd prefer being paid time & mileage than flat rate