Is Next Apps the new kid in the private-hire party?


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Local firm Robust Universal is seemingly looking to launch its private-hire program. It's signing up drivers for late-model non-SkyActiv and latest SkyActiv Mazda3 models. It's handing out "promo codes" to riders too. WTH!

I am not sure lei how it'd play a difference in the game dominated by Uber but I believe the Singapore market is really not big enough for a third entrant.

Your thoughts, please?
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Standard game plan if it has deep enough pockets. Offer high incentives for drivers and promo rides. It need to VERY quickly build up it's driver base and customer base. But since Grab and Uber already engaged in an all out war to eliminate each other, the new player will not survive. Remember both Grab and Uber are still bleeding money. Best to look at new players finances and backing, last thing u want is for them to run away wt ur hard earn money. If I remember correctly, when Uber started in Singapore it had payment issues and their payment office was in HK and cabbies had trouble chasing their monies. Hmmm.... maybe this is why Utaxi died even when they were giving out free iPhone to cabbies to use their app.